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Terms & Conditions - Travel Touch Travel Agency South Africa.
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Terms & Conditions

To be read and understood before you pay for your travel.

Travel Touch (Pty) Ltd (Registration Number 2016/29760/07 trading as a Travel Agency and acting as an intermediary for products and services.  Our services include both international and local travel at your request, whilst giving you the independence of booking your own travel.  As your personal travel co-ordinators you get the assurance that your travel needs are covered in full.   All travel services are rendered by third party suppliers which are not limited to airlines, hotels, cruising and transfer companies, visa suppliers and tour operators, who are responsible for providing your travel product or service.

Please ensure that you read and understand completely the terms and conditions as listed below.

  1. How to make a booking:
  • Bookings can be made via our website at traveltouch.co.za;
  • Or via Personal Travel Co-ordinator
  1. Requirements for completion of bookings:
  • Completed booking forms;
    • Name/s as per passport
    • All blocks to be ticked
  • Signed terms and conditions
    • Please check all connecting flights with airlines at least 72 hours before departure.
    • Ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 (six) months after your return date.
    • Ensure that you have at least 2 (two) clean pages in your passport before commencing with booking.
    • If you hold more than 1 (one) passport, please advise your travel co-ordinator which passport you will be travelling on.
    • Note: for married women travelling, passport needs to correspond with Home Affairs records i.e. name and surname.
    • Visas: South Africans often need visas to travel. Please check all border crossings i.e. via land, sea or air.   Note: we use Third Party suppliers for visa information.  Any incorrect information supplied will need to be taken up with the supplier directly and for which you will have our full assistance.
    • Refusals for entry to any country will be at the discretion of immigration officials for that specific country and for which Travel Touch (Pty) Ltd cannot be held liable for any claims resulting from such refusal.
    • It is your responsibility to check visa requirements for all countries you plan on travelling to. Should you need any assistance with visa arrangements, we can assist in obtaining such visas except for USA, Great Britain?  Please visit your closest Home Affairs office or alternatively visit dfa.gov.za/consular/travel_advice.htm (visa requirements).
    • For any vaccination information, please visit meditravel.co.za
    • Itineraries: Please check all travel itineraries and documents to ensure travel is properly co-ordinated i.e. ALL departure times are in local time of the country which you are in.
    • Health & Medical requirements: Please advise your travel co-ordinator of pregnancy i.e. term of pregnancy, to ensure you are still safely within travelling regulations.
    • Special Requirements: Please advise your travel co-ordinator of any special requests; e.g. wheelchair, special meals, frequent flyer, etc.
  • Copies of passport/s
    • To be uploaded or sent to travel co-ordinator for your booking to be completed.
  • Proof of Payment
    • Payment can be made via cash deposit directly into account of which proof of payment needs to be sent to travel co-ordinator
    • Banking details as follows:
      • BANK FNB
        ACCOUNT NUMBER 62629240491
        BRANCH CODE 250016
    • Alternatively, payment can be made via credit card.
    • Cheques will NOT be accepted.
    • EFT payments can be done directly into Travel Touch (Pty) Ltd’s account and proof of payment sent to your travel co-ordinator.
    • B. If payments are done with any other bank besides FNB, please allow 2-3 working days for funds to reflect in our account before any issuing of travel documents or travel can be confirmed. Alternatively, make immediate payment available.  Prices are still subject to availability and confirmation.
    • Travel insurance comes highly recommended. Should you refuse to take travel insurance, an indemnity will be required to be signed for the refusal.
  • Changes to Travel Plans
    • Changes can be made at any time and will depend on the rules and terms of the ticket/s and third party suppliers. Please confirm with your travel co-ordinator regarding changes, penalties and administration fees with regard to any and all changes.
    • Cancellations: Cancellations are subject to penalties depending on when you cancel and can also be up to 100%. Please ask your travel co-ordinator regarding refunds.  Refunds can take anything from 12 weeks.
    • Should you miss your flight, you will be regarded as a “no show”, which in essence means that you will lose your flight ticket.
  • ALL quotes are valid for 24 hours but are still subject to change and availability by third party suppliers, which is beyond the control of Travel Touch (Pty) Ltd.
  • Compliments and Complaints: Please forward any compliments and/or complaints to cnc@traveltouch.co.za